EUR 30,000 Prize Money for AlcaSynn
Team AlcaSynn wins the Science4Life VentureCup
22 July, 2003 by
EUR 30,000 Prize Money for AlcaSynn
Waterbergh Management, Peter Kayatz

Peter receives 30,000  prize money for winning first place of the Science4Life Venture Cup business plan competition in Frankfurt, Germany, with the business plan of AlcaSynn.

This is the first time, that an Austrian Team was able to win this renowned life sciences focused business plan competition, donated by Aventis and the German Federal State of Hesse.

 Product and Partners

AS006, the lead compound of AlcaSynn, is a peripherally acting mu-opioid agonist, designed for the treatment of severe pain, with markedly reduced centrally mediated side effects, e.g. dizziness or hallucinations.

AlcaSynn, Innsbruck, Austria, is spin-off from the University of Innsbruck, and focusses on the development of morphinan drugs, that have the potential to be developed for a multitude of different clinical indications, e.g. pain, inflammation, diarrhea, or Parkinson's disease.


AlcaSynn was founded by Helmut Schmidhammer (sitting), Mariana Spetea and Johannes Schütz as a private partnership in 2003.

The group of Professor Schmidhammer is one of the leading academic groups in the field of morphinan chemistry.

Peter joint AlcaSynn as interim manager in 2003.


Science4Life Venture Cup, Wiesbaden, Germany, is a German initiative to support founders of start-up companies in the field of Life Sciences and Chemistry.

Peter’s engagement

  • Interim manager of AlcaSynn.

  • Developing the business plan for the acquisition of grants and soft loans.

  • Development of the presentation

  • Oral presentation of the AlcaSynn business plan to the jury of Science4Life Venture Cup.


EUR 30,000 Prize Money for AlcaSynn
Waterbergh Management, Peter Kayatz 22 July, 2003
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