Angus MacLennan joins Sola Diagnostics
19 January, 2021 by
Angus MacLennan joins Sola Diagnostics
Waterbergh Management, Peter Kayatz

Sola is delighted to formalise Angus as Non-Executive Chairman. For nearly 20 years Angus was Chair of The Eve Appeal, a UK charity which funds research into the early detection and prediction of gynaecological cancers, including breast cancer. Eve Appeal has provided significant research funding to Principal Investigator Professor Martin Widschwendter over many years, particularly over recent years to fund the FORECEE programme, a Europe-wide collaborative programme on early detection, in partnership with H2020 EU grant funding. Angus stepped down from his role of The Eve Appel Chair to work on the creation of Sola, and he brings effective board governance, general business acumen and fundraising experience to Sola.

"This is a significant moment for Sola. I'm deeply grateful to Angus for his vision, dedication, and passion which led to the creation of one of the most impactful non-profits in the field of gynaecological cancer.", said Peter Kayatz, designated managing director of Sola Diagnostics. "Equally, I am excited for what the future holds under Angus' leadership. Angus brings a wealth of non-profit and for-profit success and strategic vision to our organisation, which will be critical to our ability to scale and meet the growing demand for truly preventive medicine in cancer."

"I am delighted to take on this role with Sola", said Angus MacLennan. "I look forward to its future development as we endeavour to prevent the sizeable number of deaths annually from these terrible women's cancers".

About Sola

Sola commits to support the translation of promising science in cancer prevention by epigenetic-based risk prediction into marketable products to benefit patients and society.


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Angus MacLennan joins Sola Diagnostics
Waterbergh Management, Peter Kayatz 19 January, 2021
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